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Policy on cookies and other tracking technologies


Tempora uses cookies on the domain so users can use the website, by enabling basic functionality such as page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. We also use analytics and ad tracking cookies. Please review our cookie policy.


A ‘cookie’ is a small text file that is saved on the user’s device when you browse the internet.

The term ‘cookie’ is to be considered in the broadest possible sense and covers all cookies or tracking technologies saved and/or read, for example, when consulting a website, reading an e-mail, installing or using software or a mobile application.

This applies to all users, regardless of the device they use: computers, smartphones, digital tablets, video game consoles, and so on.

Un « cookie » est enregistré sur le périphérique par le navigateur de l’internaute lors de sa première visite sur le site. Il peut ensuite être récupéré lors d’une visite ultérieure sur le même site. Les informations contenues dans le cookie et récupérées lors du passage ultérieur seront renvoyées à la page web qui les a générées, c’est-à-dire soit à une page sur laquelle se trouve l’utilisateur (cookie de « première partie ») soit à une page web d’un autre site tiers (cookie tiers).


Cookies can be used, for example, to reload pages and recognise a returning visitor and their preferred page layout (language, font size, etc.). They can also make the user experience more enjoyable by remembering the user’s preferences.

There are several types of cookies. Some require user consent while others have other finalities.

This website uses:

  • Technical cookies:

These are cookies that allow a user to browse a website and use the different services on it. These technical components cannot be disabled or configured. Otherwise you will not be able to access the site and/or the services thereon. These cookies do not require user consent.

  • Preference cookies

Preference cookies allow a website to remember information that changes the way the site behaves or is displayed, such as your preferred language.

These cookies are activated as soon as a web page is displayed or a specific action is performed.

  • Analytics cookies

These cookies allow the person or entity responsible for the website to understand the behaviour of users of the website.

  • Advertising/tracking cookies

Advertising cookies are used to track users as they browse the web. The purpose of these cookies is to optimize relevant ads based on the user’s profile/preferences.


To view all cookies are stored on your device or delete them, go to your browser settings. You can find more information on how to do this at the links below.

4.1. Refuse cookies in your browser:

Non-exhaustive list:

Disabling cookies may limit the user’s browsing experience on the website to the basic functionality and some of the pages may not work as a result.

4.2. Refuse to be tracked

The browser can be configured to send a code indicating to websites that the user refuses to be tracked. ‘Do No Track’ option).

Mobile devices may also allow you to ‘limit ad tracking’ (iOS) or may have a ‘do not track’ (Android) setting.

4.3. Changing your consent

If you change your consent, we will no longer use cookies, but these are not deleted automatically.

Please clear any unwanted cookies through your browser settings (see point 1 of this chapter).


This cookie policy may be adapted to reflect any changes. The date at the bottom of this document indicates when it was last updated.

If we want to use cookies for which you have given us your consent for other purposes, we will ask your consent again.

Pour toute autre question relative à la collecte et la gestion des données personnelles, l’utilisateur est invité à prendre connaissance de la police vie privée ou contacter Tempora à l’adresse suivante :

In France, for any additional information on cookies, users can refer to the website of the CNIL, Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés (  ou à se renseigner auprès de la Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés : 3 Place de Fontenoy, TSA 80715, 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07, France.

In Belgium, for any additional information on cookies, users can refer to the website of the Data Protection Authority ( or send an enquiry to: Rue de la Presse, 35, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

Last updated: September 2022.