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Until 13/08/2023 in Lyon, the exhibition "Tutankhamun. Discovering the Forgotten Pharaoh" exhibition retraces one of the greatest
archaeological explorations the discovery of the tomb of the young pharaoh with a tragic fate.

Come and discover the treasures of Pharaonic Egypt and unravel the mysteries surrounding the death of Tutankhamun and his tomb!

With numerous replicas created in Egypt by the Supreme Council of Antiquities Replica Production Unit, the various reconstructions will offer you an exceptional moment of magic. From the products used for the wall paintings to the moulds on the walls of the tomb and the writing processes used in Egypt 33 centuries ago, no detail has been overlooked!


"Can you see anything?"
"Yes, wonderful things."

Howard Carter & Lord Carnarvon, 26th November 1922


A historical adventure...

In 1922, exactly 100 years ago, an extraordinary discovery was made in the Valley of the Kings, the Egyptian region famous for its many tombs of Pharaohs, nobles and royal families. On November 26th, the British archaeologist Howard Carter and his billionaire sponsor Lord Carnarvon entered, for the first time in 3200 years, Tutankhamun’s tomb, found intact. A marvellous treasure was revealed! 

...Full of magic...

A century later, it is your turn to enter the most famous tomb in the world as it was discovered and see exactly what Howard Carter admired so much. The three funeral chambers have been reconstructed using ancient techniques with an unprecedented level of precision and accuracy.

...With a multitude of artefacts...

Des pièces d’exception : 242 répliques issues des ateliers du Musée du Caire et authentifiées par le Ministère des Antiquités Egyptiennes. Tout autant d’objets inestimables qui vous feront remonter le temps et (re)découvrir l’Egypte du temps des Pharaons.

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